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1. Repunits and Harmony.pdf

Correction to the PDF paper (17/01/2006)

Reference [2] in the paper “Repunits and Harmony pdf “ should be corrected to  Patrick De Geest http://www.worldofnumbers.com/repunits.htm

2. Standard Model particle discrete symmetry


Dear reader if you get used to read scientific papers that are published in the scientific physical journals only, this article isn’t suitable for you. This article had been rejected by all scientific physical journals in 2005. Nevertheless I am very glad to devote today my modest article to the memory of two great physicists that had been died 50 years ago in 1955, and that during the long time had been working in this region. These physicists are Albert Einstein (1879-1955) and Hermann Weyl (1885-1955). See for example Internet site of D. Mark Manley “Famous Physicists” http://cnr2.kent.edu/~manley/physicists.html. Below the article is presented in the form that it had been received by editors of the Journal of the High-Energy Physics (JHEP) 29/05/2005 and then had been rejected by the editors 16/06/2005.

In the case of using material of the article reference is obligatory.

10/08/2005 Evgenii E. Meerson

Evgenii Meerson photo made 4 Dec. 2006 in Betar Ilit, Israel.













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